Fourth Year

College of Health and Human Sciences

Black, Nigerian

“1.Talking to a white guy at a fraternity party- I’ve never f*cked a black girl before.
2.Walking down the street someone yells what’s up nigga.
3.At where else bar I was looking for my friends as they were closing, a white person puts her hand in my face and says they’re closed n*gger. 4.Another time at where else my friend who is also black was profiled as the black girl who got into a fight the week before when the story didn’t add up at all.
5.I have seen several confederate flags during my time at Purdue.
6.Going on Yik yak and seeing all the discrimination on a daily basis.

I’m just tired. I am desperately counting down the days until I graduate from Purdue. The amount of ignorant and closed minded people on campus is absolutely unacceptable and there needs to be
some kind of education for faculty and students. Hopefully this is a start to moving forward on campus.”