Third Year

College of Health and Human Sciences


“Being told I’m pretty for a Black girl
Having “this is America” yelled out of a truck at me because I’m Muslim and wear a headscarf
Being told to “bend over and pick (something on the floor) up like you’re picking cotton.
Having people on Twitter fantasize about running over participants in last year’s die- in
Having someone on Twitter wish to “slap the stupid out of people” in reference to me and other participants in the die- in
Having multiple non Black people use the N- word and try to convince me it was okay
Generally being stared at/ ignored
Having someone run out of an elevator before it reached her floor and use the stairs to avoid being in it with me and my other Black friend
Being harassed by someone named Eugene who is notorious on campus for sexually assaulting women, particularly Black women
Drivers inching forward at intersections as if to run me over every time I cross the street
People “complimenting” how smart, articulate or ambitious I am “for a Black girl”
Being repeatedly asked “no, where are you REALLY from” by different people”