Third Year

College of Engineering


“I was waiting outside of the physics building for a bus to go to the Union. The bus pulled up and I got in the line of 3 to get on the bus. After the students hopped off the line started moving one by one onto the bus. After the three students got on it was my turn and I raised my leg preparing to take my first step into the bus, nothing out of the ordinary. However, before my foot could reach the floor of the bus the door closed. Confused, I looked up at the bus driver while she looked right back at me and start to pull off, not taking her eyes off me. She gets only a few feet as some more white students run towards the bus from in front and she stops to let them in. I get on with my head down and think about the event over and over, getting more embarrassed by the second. I couldn’t even last to the Union and had to get off at the second stop. How could this bus driver try to drive off without me? What did I do that was so wrong, what did I do to cross this white lady?” -Marcus Lloyd