Fifth Year

College of Liberal Arts

Asian, Korean-American

“I will not state the fraternity’s name in this story.
I was at a fraternity party looking for my friends since we needed to get going. It was a Halloween-themed party, so everybody was dressed in costumes; I was dressed as a school girl. So, I walk past one of the brothers and a girl in a hallway. I hear one of them say, “So typical for an Asian girl to dress as a slutty school girl.” The other responded, “I know!”
Did I deserve to have those things said about/to me when I didn’t even know them, that I was just minding my own business, that I just happened to walk past them at that moment?
I didn’t respond or defend myself from what they said because I was knew I was going to say terrible, regrettable things to them. Retaliating with more violent words wouldn’t have helped the situation. I am better than that.”