Fifth Year

College of Liberal Arts

Asian, Korean American

“I was driving past Earhart duringg the week of moving out, so there were lots of cars everywhere. I guess one of the drivers was not driving well, but then I hear this Caucasian girl scream, “Why can’t Asians drive?” Due to my rage from witnessing that, I started to drive recklessly because I couldn’t think straight.

I understand that even you, the President of Purdue, cannot force people to change their minds and way of thinking; but, this is an issue. How come it’s “OK” for Caucasians to scream this and get away with it, but if I said a racial slur like this loudly to a Caucasian, I would not be able to get away it so easily like she did? I am not saying I want to have “equal rights” screaming racial slurs to Caucasians out of revenge, nobody has the right to, but I think it’s wrong that the environment at Purdue condones being condescending towards minorities. Thank you.” -Jodie Cha