Third Year

Krannert School of Management


“It bothers me when I sit in a lecture and most of the seats are full, with only a few left open and people (mainly white) will sit in every seat possible next to others in order not to sit next to me. It bothers me when other races (mostly white), even when they don’t know me, feel comfortable to use the word “nigger”, or “nigga” around me or to even call me that to my face, especially when people are drunk. When I’m profiled by the cops wherever you go and they stare you down on campus or drive by you very slow. When I’m literally asked multiple times a week if I’m an athlete and not if I’m just here because of my academic capabilities. When I constantly hear black jokes degrading the black culture, and they say “c’mon man, it’s just a joke.” When I talk about black frats or sororities and people say “wow it must get ratchet at parties. Footprints on the walls and everything from all the twerking.” It bothers me to hear people say, “she’s cute for a black girl,” and I’m a male. My mother and my sister are black. Why would anyone think that would be okay to say to me? It bothers me that people are so surprised that I do well in school and automatically assume that I’m “dumb” or “stupid.” I’m kind of going on a rant here, but these are a few of the scenarios that I come across on a weekly basis here at Purdue.”