Third Year

College of Liberal Arts


“I work at the Black Cultural Center on the newsletter, because I’m a writing major and journalism is what I want to pursue. I decided to work at the BCC because I wanted to know more about the center and the culture, to meet new people, to get more involved, and so on. In a few instances, when I would tell people I worked there, they would ask, “You mean they hire white people?” Or they would ask me, “Why would you want to work there?”

This is an instant when people failed to realize what the purpose of a cultural center is, and also a moment when true opinions were shown. When I would point out their racism, they would say it wasn’t a racist. They were being “serious.” However, whether intentional or not, their thought that people of color wouldn’t hire a white person is a racist generalization and a complete misunderstanding of an entire group of people. Normally, after talking to them, I would tell them that they would really benefit from actually going to a cultural center for once in their life, and learning a few things they never thought about.” -Katherine Boyer