First Year

College of Engineering


“1. In my second week of the STEM Academic Boot camp, me and several friends were walking to Papa Johns one night when a car sped past. As it drove by we heard several people scream “Niggers!”.
2. On my first real weekend after classes started, I came home at about 2 in the morning from Chauncey Hill. I skated from 5 Guys to Harrison Hall. When I got onto first street, just passing Martin Jischke, I noticed a police car behind me. I was skating in the left lane so that I would not block traffic moving behind me, and so that I could see oncoming traffic and move safely out of the way if need be. I was clearly not in the way of the police officer and I assumed the car would pass. However, the police car did not pass. Instead, it slowly trailed behind me all the way down first street, until I crossed as arrived at Harrison. It was only at this time, that the officer sped off.”