Fourth Year

College of Liberal Arts

Black & White, German

“1) About August 19th, 2012 – I wasn’t even attending Purdue yet; I just came to help my boyfriend move into his new apartment. I stayed for the weekend and once the end of the weekend came I was leaving. While taking my stuff to my car a larger white male was standing near his truck (which had a large confederate flag sticker) just watching me walk… It was really uncomfortable but I didn’t think anything of it. Once I got to my car he got into his truck and left. That’s when I noticed a note on my windshield. “U better watch your shit. Ima Run up on ur Faggot ASS wherever I SEE YOU NIGGER.” I usually brush off those type of things, but I didn’t realize not only was the note left on my car someone also slashed 3 of my tires. I called the police and it was pointless, they were not there to help nor did they show any real concern. They gave me some excuse for why they could not check for finger prints and then had the nerve to say, “ well maybe your boyfriend has issues with someone.”… He had just moved into those apartments that weekend and didn’t know anyone who lived there nor did he tell anyone where he had moved, not that should have even mattered. I mentioned the guy staring at me before I got to my car and they were not even slightly interested in getting his information. Three slashed tires and a note of racism and I felt helpless.
2) About February 3rd, 2014 -The following school year I started attending Purdue University, my boyfriend & I decided we would continue to live in the same apartment complex (Copper Beach). We got moved to a different street and after a year we didn’t think anything of the past situation. Long story short I decided not to bring a car to school due to what had happened but my boyfriend did; he had the same fate as me slashed tires, no answers, and lack of police concern. **He is Mexican & I am Half Black/Half White
3) I didn’t know much about Greek life until I got to Purdue. During the beginning of the year when all the organizations and clubs come out to promote themselves to the new students, I attended. I attempted to show interest in some of the Panhellenic Association sororities and just get some information from the ladies. I could not get a single girl to talk to me when I went up to their tables to talk about their sorority. They would blatantly ignore me and start talking to other girls around me. I was finally told as if this was normal that I was not “black enough for pan-hell.””