Third Year

College of Health and Human Sciences


“I honestly do not know where to start for this. Many times in my freshman year in lines at the dining courts, my female peers would clutch their purse if I was in front or behind them in the line. Every time there are prospective students on a tour of the campus, their parents stare at me as if I do not belong at Purdue. A friend and I were referred to as niggers at a party by the host. While I was pledging at an off campus fraternity, a member of the house draw a picture of a black man that was lynched in a tree and showed to everyone and one of my own pledge brothers laughed at it and said it was funny. In the same pledge semester, one of my pledge trainers got mad at me for not being able to get a dance down and told me “you’re black, you should be nailing this”. I’ve had many white male students question my blackness simply because I don’t listen to the same popular rap artists that they do. I’ve had numerous issues with people using the term nigga around me after I have told them that the term offends me. I have had a black female tell me that she looks at the color of someone’s skin when selecting a dating partner and told me because of that, she prefers white men over black men.”