Third Year

College of Agriculture


“I have tons of experiences I could share but here is a light coverage

1) During BGR when they would play “All the way Turnt Up” and my TL said to me “you shouldknow all about this hood shit”

2) Constantly being told that Black people don’t do Ag, and then looking shocked and appalled when I bring up the 400 years of American slavery.

3) Freshman year I tried to expand my horizons and befriend people of other races. This resulted in months of backwards compliments, microaggressions, and sometimes out right verbal assault. I accepted the brunt of these, especially because when i did speak up about something hurting me, they would be get mad at me for not taking a joke. I finally put an end to it when a few of them got in trouble for having weed and when I asked if they were worried about going to jail they said, “no only ghetto people go to jail. I’m too white.” They got a misdemeanor ticket and I got new friends

4) the “Circle of Death” that forms around every black person at a predominantly white party any time any time a rap song comes on. It doesn’t matter if you can dance or not, it makes you feel like a circus animal.

5) When I told a friend I was going to the dining court and she said, “I didn’t know the dining courts took food stamps”.

As a black student, I constantly fear speaking out about these (and many other experiences that I put on my Facebook) due to losing out on a chance to represent the university. We sacrifice our freedom of speech to maintain the opportunity to hold leadership positions and engage in networking opportunities. It is to the point that some of the worst things posted in the #boilersofpurdue tag were posted by close friends and I had never heard about many of these experiences. We are taught to simply take them, and thus never have the chance to unpack them. That does not foster a successful student.”