First Year

College of health and Human Sciences

Black, Native American, Asian

“During BGR, there were open houses from cultural centers. I was the only black student in my group. My TL neglected to inform me about any cultural events during BGR week and actually arranged for my group to participate in other activities without asking if anyone was interested. If were not paying attention to the list of daily activities provided on the Boiler Guide app for each day, I would not have known about the open houses at all. I had to separately tell my TL that I would like to go and even then, he made no effort to share the opportunity with the group.

The first few weeks I was on campus I have had people talk down on asian international students to me, assuming that I am fully black. They have made assumptions that I would not be offended by anything they could say about people of asian decent because they saw the color of my skin and guessed I have absolutely no relations to an asian person. I have been met with utter disbelief when I tell people of my race, even having to show them a picture when they continue to look at me with confusion and badger me with questions hoping to find some flaw in my “story.” This happened within the first month of being here and I thought being on a campus such as Purdue’s, students would be more open minded and accepting.

More recently, I was walking back from the McCutcheon parking garage with my two friends (both girls and also black). It was about 7:30 at night. We were standing in front of Shreve Hall walking parallel to 3rd Street. A car drove by us, slowed down, shouted “N*gger!” and drove off.

Furthermore, the popular app promising its users anonymity, Yik Yak, is full with racist remarks daily. I saw a post once that said something to the effect that because black people are not hanging in trees, we should not complain and should be grateful to be here.”