College of Liberal Arts


“Let’s talk about my experience at Purdue as a Black Woman (2007-2011)…these are the events I remember.

Being at the bars standing on the corner by Harry’s and group of white men in a pickup truck threw a cup of rocks at me and my friends. My eye was grazed with a rock.

Walking to B-dubs with my friends and having a red pickup truck drive past on state street and called us ni**ers. This was my first week at Purdue during BGR.

Hanging a noose on the tree where black students frequented

Finding a noose hanged in the library with “f*ck obama”writte on it

Walking home on state street and being called a Ni**er yet again

Walking home with a friend and a pickup truck (they love pick up trucks) tried to run us over and off the road…as they screamed at us. We ran home terrified.

Calling my mom in tears the first week at Purdue because I finally been exposed to the world of racism at 18 years old.

Having to have rallies because police wanted to throw black people through the windows of XXX.

All the incidents that occurred during the Obama 2008 elections. We’ll be here all day.

Dr. Bell’s Memorial Portrait being vandalized with racial slurs. I had graduated but I remember my friends being so upset.

Cotton balls found sprawled on the lawn on the BCC.”