Fourth Year

College of Agriculture


“Like many, if not all, other African American students on this campus, I’ve been called a nigger several times by white men speeding by in pick up trucks.

About 2 years ago I nearly got hit by a pick up truck with a confederate flag license plate……..while I was standing on the sidewalk.

About 2 years ago, I walked outside my apartment and a white guy made animal noises at me.

I’ve gotten the “you’re pretty for a black girl” comment too many times to count, but it doesn’t bother me much because I know I’m fucking fabulous period.

The countless racist Yik-Yak posts that always hold such a high degree of racism.

Academic adviser once forgot my name and called me the name of the only other black girl in our major.

Freshman year, a friend of mine and I walked by some of the frat houses on campus and got a balloon filled with, what I believe to be, urine thrown at us. Thankfully, it missed.”