Graduate Student

College of Liberal Arts

Black, African-American

“I got on the bus and said hi to the white bus driver he made a face and looked away.

I sat near the front where I could clearly see his mirror. He kept looking up at it, back at me. He had this look of disgust on his face and was mumbling something. I kept looking around because I knew I had not done anything to him. I was trying to see if there could possibly be anything else he was looking at, but there was only one other person on the bus, a white guy sitting on the other side and further back.

As we neared my stop I pulled the cord to indicate I needed to get off. The driver looked up at me in the mirror again, made the same face, and then kept driving.

Finally at the next stop some other people who had gotten on after me all needed to get off. Three white people got off before me. They each said thank you or goodbye and he replied. I said thank you and he looked away. The white person behind me said thank you and the driver said have a nice day.

I did nothing but ride the bus that I’ve paid for with my student fees. But I did it while black.”