College of Health and Human Sciences


“As a student at Purdue I have faced many microaggressions from students. You had the mild ones, like people asking to touch my hair. To the outlandish, such as a guy telling his friend that he was practically granted sex because he was at a party with a black girl. I attribute those microaggressions to ignorance and bad parenting. However, what was harder for me to forgive was when professors were the ones to be offensive. Asking me to speak as the spokesperson for the black community or speak my “dialect” for the class. These things were not only upsetting but damaging. It sent the message that offensive student attitudes were not only acceptable but encouraged. I remember being In a class and an international student was in the class (a large lecture) the professor was making presumptuous and offensive comments about the student’s presumed ethnicity. The rest of the class laughed as if it was the funniest thing they ever heard. I pointed this incident out at the end of the semester when evaluations were available. But I wondered how many of my fellow classmates stood up for that student?”