Fifth Year

College of Liberal Arts


“I never thought my race would be more noticed here than south side Chicago. My first experience with racism was before my move in freshman year. My roommates grandfather posted on her Facebook wall, “fat and black!! My has Purdue fallen. Tell Purdue I’m part of the KKK and you need to move now!!!”
Uhm, okay, nice to meet you too sir. I couldn’t even be in my own res hall room when he visited for fear of my wn safety. You would think, “well okay it can only get better from here” lol, nah. When Trayvon Martin was killed, her grandfather hated me even more, like I was the voice for black people and responsible for poor Zimmerman’s arrest.
Years go by and nothing ever got better. (I did get a new roomie so that was cool.) I couldn’t walk at night by the union, fearing being called a ‘nigger’ by some dudes in a pick up truck. I couldn’t wear my hair natural being told it is unprofessional in a classroom setting. This past year, I took my infant son to class with me (because his father works and I can’t afford Purdues daycare but different issue, right?) I overheard a group of white students say “Purdue even cares for their single black mothers on welfare.” Another white man congratulated me on having a black male as a husband who is active in his child’s life. But you know all hail to our old Purdue!”