Fourth Year

College of Engineering

Black, Haitain

“I have been experiencing racism at Purdue since my freshman year. My first year, as I walking back home one night, a white man rolled down his window as he was driving  to scream at me ” what’s up n_gga”. In addition, my freshman year in  my communication class, we were practicing our speech delivery by answering questions that would encourage us to be creative. One of the questions was ” if you could pick a color for the world, what would it be? “. somebody answered that question by saying that he would make the world white because he is racist.I believe he was trying to be funny so he quickly corrected himself by saying that he was joking. In a classroom where I was the only student of color, that made me very uncomfortable.The rest of the class died of laughter and the professor did not do anything about it.Some of my classmates gave me an awkward look when I caught them laughing earlier. I could have said something but I was so shocked that i spent the rest of the class trying to process was happened.Another experience that impacted me was when there was the Black lives matter Protests last year, more specifically the die-in. I have heard comments being made about  the protesters looking  like speed bumps on the streets. My team mates were expressing their frustration because they said that they had to go to class and “these people” were blocking the streets for their stupid protest .Obviously,raising awareness against the violence and injustices towards African American or marching for the people who have lost their lives because of police brutality is a “stupid protest”. The talk is is all about diversity;but Is it really about inclusion ?”