Graduate Student

College of Pharmacy

Asian, Chinese

“I went out to the bars on a Friday night with friends. While waiting in line at Harry’s, the people behind me start doing the slanted eye gesture at me. I’m the only Asian in line so it was obviously directed at me. I ignore it as this happens quite often. We make our way into Harry’s and it’s clearly packed. I’m trying to squeeze through to buy a drink and I hear “ching chong ching chong” from a couple white guys to my right. Once again, I’m the only Asian around so I know it’s directed at me. I ignore it and move on. After the night ended, I’m walking home and more racist remarks are yelled my way from a couple white guys driving a pickup truck. They yelled “eggroll” and “go back to your country”. This makes it 3 isolated events on this particular night. I’ve never felt so foreign and disrespected in any place I’ve lived or traveled to. This is coming from an Asian male who was born in New York and raised in Detroit. Being at Purdue has desensitized me to racism. At one point I had plans of staying in Indiana to practice as a pharmacist. My experience at Purdue has changed my mind. I had some interviews this year and was very excited to take the first offer sending me out of Indiana.”