Graduate Student

College of Health and Human Sciences

Asian, Korean-American

“My sophomore year I was walking alone by some restaurants, and a car full of college-aged boys yelled, “Kon’nichiwa!” I was minding my own business. The fact that I experienced the incident alone just added to the seclusion I was already feeling. There were so many times I used to wish I was white so I would stop standing out.

I read another experience posted on a Facebook page. An Indian student was walking past a fraternity when they yelled, “It smells like curry!” while a group of girls behind the student started laughing.

These were incidents when the person(s) displaying racism barely said anything at all, but the few words they did say were full of ignorance, hate, and fear. It just isn’t humane to make others feel inferior because the way their eyes look or the color of their skin.

It’s unfortunate, but often times minitorities need someone from the majority to help speak for them. Someone that others who look like him/her will look to for leadership. Mitch, we’re the minority and we’re hurting. Please do something.”